Conventional or Synthetic Oil: Which One Is for You?

Conventional or Synthetic Oil_ Which One Is for You

With the rising cost of brand new vehicles in an ever-fluctuating economy, it is only natural to do your best to extend the life of your investment. One of the well-known ways to achieve this end is scheduled oil changes.

So you visit a vehicle maintenance in Woodbridge VA and ask for an oil change. Then the mechanic asks you, “synthetic or conventional”?

How do you know which one to choose? How would you know which one is the best for your vehicle? Should you just take the advice of an auto mechanic in Woodbridge VA?

Of course, the best oil for you is the one that fits the needs of your vehicle. Choose according to the size and usage of your vehicle.  Vehicles that are used for errands or for carrying a small number of passengers can do with conventional oil while heavy-duty trucks or cars used for racing should consider synthetic oil.

Trucks, due to their size and nature of their use require efficient engine lubrication in order to maximize their performance. Synthetic oil, being viscous, does that just. The same condition applies to some newer cars.

For best results, consult a reliable auto service technician in Woodbridge VA. They will know which type of oil will work best for your vehicle.

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