Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Automotive Services in Woodbridge VA

Finding the Best Automotive Services Woodbridge VA


It’s easy to just go with the nearest local auto mechanic and leave your car for maintenance and repair services. But as any car owner knows, convenience is the least you should consider when choosing vehicle maintenance services. You don’t just choose a nearby shop – the company must be qualified and couple with convenience is only a plus. It takes some research but dealing with a mechanic that has a good reputation and backs up their vehicle repair work with good warranty can be hard to find. Time and time again, we have proven that the most convenient mechanic isn’t necessarily the best one.

So, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts when choosing mechanic services in Woodbridge VA:

Special offers can be tempting but don’t pick a shop based on the discount. These days, shops get competitive so they follow the trend in offering special deals. However, focus on getting the job done right. Always remember that quality services win over low prices every time so when you see a price that is unrealistically low, it probably is!

  • Don’t be mistaken by the outside. While some mechanics are great, there are those who get stuck in the past and can’t keep up with the modern vehicles. Do get recommendations and proof of qualifications first. Ensuring that the mechanic you choose has UTD equipment may mean on point cost as well.
  • Don’t choose a shop just because they can accommodate you right away. That only means they don’t have much work to do – which implies the quality of service. While there are shops out there that can get it done pretty quickly, a wise car owner would find out that the best ones are booked up for a day or two in advance because of their professional services.
  • An excellent auto mechanic in Woodbridge VA takes time to analyze the approach on your vehicle. Of course, they have specific procedures but a thorough analysis takes some time. There will be shops that will promise just about anything to get your business. You should know the red flags when it comes to desperation or end up sorry as they often don’t deliver as promised.
  • Do get referrals and recommendations. But don’t get satisfied with that just yet, ask more questions. Ask the kind of services they asked for and how many times they’ve been there. Find out if they had problems and how were they fixed. Contact some independent sources such as the BCAA, the BB or the Automotive Retailers Association – these are just some sources of vehicle maintenance Woodbridge VA shops committed to client satisfaction.
  • Make sure to ask them to back up the quality service they are offering. Ask them if they’re members of any trade associations and if their technicians are certified. You can also add some questions like if their staff has been in the business for a long time and if they have a minimum of one-year standard warranty for their services.
  • Schedule an appointment with the auto service Woodbridge VA shop and check out the place. They should be professional, friendly and efficient. Check out the government certifications and other affiliations they have on the walls. You will be surprised that a good shop will actually appreciate a skeptic client, one that takes a good research first before coming in.

5 Home Car Care Mistakes to Avoid

5 Home Car Care Mistakes to AvoidA lot of people love to tinker with their cars as a type of hobby. This may be fine for that spare vehicle that you have sitting in the driveway that nobody has to depend on to get them around safely. It is not a good idea for the home mechanic to be taking on vehicle repair jobs on the vehicle that is being used every day and needs to be depended on. Car repairs and maintenance are better left in the hands of Auto Repair Woodbridge VA, experts.

The timing is off:

Enthusiastic car owners love to listen to the way their car is running. The least little sound that isn’t right leads many to the conclusion that the timing is off, so this means the timing-belt needs to be replaced. This is a big mistake that the backyard mechanic may be attempting. This type of vehicle diagnosis should be made by an Auto Mechanic Woodbridge VA, professional. A lot of things can go wrong with this part change that can end up leading to a lot more costly repairs because this do it yourself attempt has created some engine damage.

Tinkering with the transmission:

Many untrained vehicle owners automatically assume that if something is wrong with the vehicle it has got to be the transmission. Or they want to save some money and do their own transmission flushes and fluid changes. The best place to have this car need met is through Auto Service Woodbridge VA, providers.

Cleaning that is not done properly around the connectors and gaskets can spell disaster. The new problem may not surface until weeks or months down the road yet it will be as a result of this home transmission cleaning and flushing.


The vehicle is showing signs of problems and many car owners have bought themselves one of the many diagnostic kits on the market, which they just plug into the car and it gives them the error code for their make and model. This is great except often these devices are wrong. Or your car’s check engine light comes on just like your friend’s car did so you automatically assume the same part needs to be replaced. You can end up replacing a whole bunch of parts that aren’t necessary and creating more problems with the vehicle.


One of the most common home vehicle repairs is changing of the brakes. A lot of car owners feel this is a task they can take on themselves as they can easily buy the parts needed. This is a dangerous undertaking. If not done properly not only can it cause damage to the vehicle, but can create dangerous driving situations.


Changing the tires for the seasons should be left up to the experts. If not done properly there are many things that can go wrong that not only affect the performance and driveability of the vehicle but could potentially cause an accident.

There is no need for home vehicle repairs when there are Automotive Services Woodbridge VA providers that can be utilized efficiently and cost effectively.

Prepare Your Car for Winter Season with Studded Tires

Studded_Winter_TireSeason changes have official begun and it won’t be long till the first snow begins to fall come winter. Besides breaking out your winter wardrobe as you put on more and more layers to keep warm, you also should start thinking about all the other preparations you need to make to combat extreme cold weather.

An important precautionary measure to take is to visit your local vehicle maintenance Woodbridge VA mechanic and tire service center. If you know that the forecast shows that snow is imminent, then it’s time you consider getting studded snow tires. Living in an area where severe weather results in dangerous road conditions can be quite a hassle—and of course, very hazardous.

What exactly are studded snow tires? Metal or plastic studs are embedded into your tires to make it easier for you to maneuver your way through snow-covered and icy roads and rough terrain in which you would need better traction. These studs are able to dig into ice and can combat even the most extreme driving conditions. However, it’s also important to take note that these studs should not be used on a normal basis as it can damage the roads causing damage to other vehicles.

It is best to leave the installation to a professional as it can be dangerous to attempt to install any type of tires on your own, so better leave it to your local auto mechanic Woodbridge VA tire and service center to get you on the road safely. Additionally there’s the danger of inserting the studs too deep or too shallow, which would result in potential accidents.

Also be aware that certain cities and counties have regulations when it comes to using studded tires during winter season. Before having them installed, make sure to check the restrictions within your area. Restrictions can be in the form of type of studs, earliest installation and use date, removal requirement dates, etc.

Regardless, having studded snow tires for winter can be the very thing that provides safety for you and your family. These tires would be a worthwhile investment especially if you live in an area where the temperatures reach the freezing mark and clear ice starts to form. You can always visit a Woodbridge VA tire and service center to see what they recommend.

Using a Woodbridge VA Service Provider for Your Vehicles 90K mile Maintenance

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil_ What’s the DifferenceFor most vehicle owners who have had their vehicle since it was new, they understand the importance of the different mileage checkups that their vehicle needs. They most likely have been to an auto repair Woodbridge VA service provider for the vehicle’s 30K and 60K maintenance checkups. The 90K one is just as if not more important.

The care is beginning to age at the 90,000 milestone, but is still considered new. In most cases it is still under warranty. Many vehicles that are under warranty means that these various inspections are mandatory otherwise the warranty could be voided.

The 90K maintenance checkup that is carried out by a quality mechanic Woodbridge VA service provider will have all the same things checked and repaired if necessary that was carried out in the previous inspections.

The spark plugs and their wires will be looked at to ensure they are operating properly, and will be replaced as necessary.

Any of the vehicle’s fluids that need to be replaced or topped up will be done during this 90K inspection.

The tires will again be checked as they were in previous inspections. They may need to be rotated and at the very least the pressure for each of them will be inspected. Sometimes they may have needed replacing in the 60K inspection and if not then there may be a need for this now at the 90K mark.

During this vehicle maintenance Woodbridge VA service the mechanic will do a full inspection of the vehicle. This expert will only replace parts that are necessary. At the same time there may be some potential problems with the vehicle that are identified during this inspection, but their repair is not included in the maintenance program. If this is the case your mechanic will advise you of this. You can then most likely determine if you want the problem to be corrected now, or if you want to arrange to bring the vehicle back for this additional repair.

The various maintenance inspections according to the vehicle’s mileage are ideal for making sure that you are keeping your vehicle it top running order, and also for preventing any minor problems from becoming serious and costly ones in the future. Finding a trusted, experience and quality auto repair Woodbridge VA mechanic who performs these inspections makes keeping your vehicle in good condition an easy task.


30K Mile Vehicle Maintenance by a Pro

30K Image

No matter what type of vehicle an individual has it is important to keep up with the vehicle maintenance. By doing so, it not only allows the Woodbridge VA mechanic to identify any potential problems that may be taking place with the vehicle now, but may help to prevent potential problems in the future, hence the term preventive maintenance.

Some individuals buy their vehicles new, while others prefer to buy used. Normally by the time any vehicle has accumulated 30,000 miles of use it then requires its first major vehicle service. Prior to this is may have had a less detailed checkup around the 15,000 milestone.

At the 30,000 mile service normally there is a requirement for some of the fluids that the vehicle depends on to be flushed and replaced. These may be comprised of the brake and transmission fluids as well as engine coolant. The spark plugs and filters for the air and fuel will be inspected and if need be, they will be replaced by the car repair Woodbridge VA mechanic that is performing the vehicle checkup.

Every professional that is performing vehicle maintenance Woodbridge Va. services will have their own list of what services they perform and what they feel is required for a 30,000 vehicle checkup.

New vehicle owners sometimes assume that they should take their vehicles into a auto repair Woodbridge VA service provider after they have had the vehicle for six months rather than using the mileage that the vehicle has accumulated. The length of time of the ownership is not a good indicator as to what the vehicle may need.

Some individuals can own their vehicle for six months but perhaps only drive it on weekends. Others can have their vehicles for six months but use it for daily use. The mileage accumulated between these two vehicles will be quite different. The vehicle driven on a daily basis will need a checkup long before the weekend driven vehicle.

Those who tend to the car and maintenance of vehicles like the mechanic Woodbridge VA experts perform, are well aware that when a vehicle reaches the 30,000 mark that certain aspects of the vehicle are in need of attention. This is especially important for the various types of fluids that the vehicle has to rely on for top performance.

This 30,000 mile checkup allows the auto repair Woodbridge VA. Vehicle service providers to inspect the vehicle for anything that may be potentially breaking down and in need of repair before the break down does happen which is usually at an inconvenient time.

Severe Weather Vehicle Damage and a Multipoint Inspection

The Benefits of a Multipoint Vehicle Inspection

It is very important to provide vehicle maintenance Woodbridge VA services for your vehicle all year around no matter what the weather. All seasons have its fair share of bad weather with the winter months probably being the hardest on your vehicle. You can begin this season with a multipoint vehicle inspection to help identify any potential problems that could be escalated with exposure to nasty weather.

An Auto Service Woodbridge VA professional will do a multipoint inspection of the vehicle which includes a check of the vehicle’s fluids, tire pressure, the battery as well as the brake functioning including other important vehicle parts.

The cold weather can have an adverse effect on the car’s ability to start. The fluids can become thick and not flow properly to meet the vehicles requirements. The tires can vary in their pressure during frigid weather. Some of these things that can go wrong during bad weather can be potentially dangerous and hard on the vehicles.

Finding a quality automotive services Woodbridge VA provider to do your multipoint inspection check and then maintain your vehicle throughout the various seasons will help to reduce the bad effects that the weather can have on the vehicle.


The Benefits of Using a Local Mechanic to Avoid Costly Home Vehicle Repairs

The Benefits of Using a Local Mechanic to Avoid Costly Home Vehicle Repairs

A lot of people think they are saving money when they take on their own vehicle repairs. Often we feel a great deal of pride in doing the work ourselves. What we don’t realize is that doing these home vehicle repairs instead of using Auto Repair Woodbridge VA, services could be costing us more money and potentially be putting our families and our own personal safety at risk.

What are considered as simple vehicle maintenance projects like changing the brakes or switching the tires for the season are potentially dangerous if carried out by anyone other than an Auto Mechanic. The brakes could fail, or the improper installation of the tires could cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle or even have a rollover crash.

The best approach for a car owner to take to keep their car in prime condition and at its best is to visit an Automotive Services Woodbridge VA provider and utilize their expertise. Not only will this keep the vehicle operating in prime condition for the present, but it can avoid a lot of costly repairs in the future. Most importantly it ensures the occupants of the vehicle are being kept safe from any unnecessary hazards.

Conventional or Synthetic Oil: Which One Is for You?

Conventional or Synthetic Oil_ Which One Is for You

With the rising cost of brand new vehicles in an ever-fluctuating economy, it is only natural to do your best to extend the life of your investment. One of the well-known ways to achieve this end is scheduled oil changes.

So you visit a vehicle maintenance in Woodbridge VA and ask for an oil change. Then the mechanic asks you, “synthetic or conventional”?

How do you know which one to choose? How would you know which one is the best for your vehicle? Should you just take the advice of an auto mechanic in Woodbridge VA?

Of course, the best oil for you is the one that fits the needs of your vehicle. Choose according to the size and usage of your vehicle.  Vehicles that are used for errands or for carrying a small number of passengers can do with conventional oil while heavy-duty trucks or cars used for racing should consider synthetic oil.

Trucks, due to their size and nature of their use require efficient engine lubrication in order to maximize their performance. Synthetic oil, being viscous, does that just. The same condition applies to some newer cars.

For best results, consult a reliable auto service technician in Woodbridge VA. They will know which type of oil will work best for your vehicle.

All Season Tires vs. Snow Tires


New cars come out of the factory with fresh tires. Most are fitted with an All Season tire since there is little way of the factory knowing the final location for the vehicles but also by making it cost effective for the car brand. Fitting them with these types of tires are often the safest best as less states have weather that requires Snow or Winter specific tires. But doesn’t All Season” mean that they are safe for all road conditions? Actually they aren’t optimal in every condition. Ideally All Season means that they will perform well in multiple seasons or at least more than one. Winter or Snow tires on the other hand are for just that. They are created and tested to perform well under conditions which Snow and Ice are prevalent. They will have a greater capacity to hold to the road under extreme winter conditions.

Does this mean that you should have two sets of tires? Depending on your geographic location the answer is yes. If you are in Sunny California an All Season tire is going to meet or exceed your vehicle’s needs. All-season tires are constructed to perform well in heat, rain and light snow. On the other hand if you live in New England it would serve you well to have a set of winter tires set aside to have mounted on your vehicle prior to the Winter Storms making way and then swapping out with your All Season set as soon as the spring comes.


Tire Maintenance Tips and Considerations


Consider this: Four circular pieces of rubber that span your car are all that divides you from the interstate at speeds that can alter you and your passengers life in the course of just a second.

Tires that are over or under inflated, severely worn or are beyond their lifespan can not only decrease braking capacity and fuel consumption but can also make taking even a simple turn the result of an accident. Under inflation is the leading cause of tire failure. Even when equipped with a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) a tire can be as much as 50% under inflated before it is visibly noticeable.  Not only are under inflated tires more prone to damage and failure, but they can lead to higher fuel costs by as much as 3 to 5¢ per gallon.

Therefore, every year tires are a significant reason for vehicle mishaps. According the NHTSA they estimated that in 2003 there were 414 Fatalities, 10,275 Non-fatal and 78,392 crashes that were due in part or caused by flat tires or blowouts. Tire related crashes make up over 31% of all contributing factors in vehicle accidents.

Unfortunately often disregarded, tires get loads of misuse and little consideration, yet a little consideration is all they normally require. Proper tire maintenance is an important safety function often neglected.  The importance of properly maintaining your tires cannot be overemphasized.  Remember, tires are the only contact between your vehicle and the road you and your family are driving on.

At any rate once a month, examine them over for visual imperfections such as, cracks, thread showing, uneven tread wear as well as check the pressure and be sure that it is properly inflated per the specs of the tire manufacture. In addition be sure to get your tires rotated per your vehicle owner’s manual. Rotating your tires can prevent uneven wear, give you insight to issues pertaining to your vehicles alignment as well as save you money in the long run by getting the most out of your tires and not needing to replace them as often.

Visiting a local tire dealer or mechanic can decrease your out of pocket expenses, plus having an expert take a look and give you the green light as to whether you have more life left in your tread or if it is time to move in the direction of new tires is not only helpful but can help you avoid being part of that 31%.