All Season Tires vs. Snow Tires


New cars come out of the factory with fresh tires. Most are fitted with an All Season tire since there is little way of the factory knowing the final location for the vehicles but also by making it cost effective for the car brand. Fitting them with these types of tires are often the safest best as less states have weather that requires Snow or Winter specific tires. But doesn’t All Season” mean that they are safe for all road conditions? Actually they aren’t optimal in every condition. Ideally All Season means that they will perform well in multiple seasons or at least more than one. Winter or Snow tires on the other hand are for just that. They are created and tested to perform well under conditions which Snow and Ice are prevalent. They will have a greater capacity to hold to the road under extreme winter conditions.

Does this mean that you should have two sets of tires? Depending on your geographic location the answer is yes. If you are in Sunny California an All Season tire is going to meet or exceed your vehicle’s needs. All-season tires are constructed to perform well in heat, rain and light snow. On the other hand if you live in New England it would serve you well to have a set of winter tires set aside to have mounted on your vehicle prior to the Winter Storms making way and then swapping out with your All Season set as soon as the spring comes.


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